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Product Information

AC Power Source
Programmable AC/DC Power Source
ES series

standard to powerfully support various tests and measurements.

From EMC tests and various simulations to CVCF for anechoic chamber.

ES series is a multifunction programmable AC/DC power source you can use in EMC tests such as low frequency immunity test and harmonic current measurement, in tests with various power sources, and furthermore, as CVCF for anechoic chamber. Both AC and DC outputs are available and enriching various functions such as measurement functions and sudden change and sweep functions are equipped. In addition, the latest test software (ES0406D, option) is available to facilitate low frequency immunity test. This series is available in two styles; Component style that can expand with addition of a booster, and Cabinet style that is simple and requires small installation space. You can choose the best style for your application and use conditions. With ES Series, It's easy to conduct various specification tests and simulations.

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