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Product Information

Lock-in Amplifier/Preamplifier
Digital Lock-in Amplifier

Our Experience and Know-How Made Sure the Amplifier Was Packed with the Advantages of DSP.

Lock-in amplifiers that measure extremely small alternating signals hidden deep within noise are used in a wide range of advanced research fields, including scanning probe microscopes, terahertz spectroscopy and spintronics.
NF's newest lock-in amplifier LI5600 series is 2-phase, 2-frequency digital lock-in amplifier that delivers a high level of stability with post-phase detection digital signal processing. The series covers all areas of key functionality required for increasing reliability when measuring very small signals, such as an outstanding dynamic reserve up to 100 dB, update rates up to approximately 1.5 M samples/s (LI5660/LI5655), and smooth, high-speed 16-bit amplitude resolution output response.
The LI5660 series is equipped with the latest functions such as simultaneous 2-frequency measurements (except for LI5645) and subharmonic measurements to meet the needs for advance measurements in a wide range of applications and fields.

11 Mhz
subharmonic neasurement
simultaneous 2-frequency
10 MHz synchronoius input

LI 5640/LI 5630

Frequency range
LI5660: 0.5 Hz to 11 MHz* *When HF input terminal used
LI5655: 0.5 Hz to 3 MHz
LI5650/LI5645: 1 mHz to 250 kHz

Voltage measurement
LI5660: 10 nV to 10 V*F.S. *When C input terminal used
LI5655/LI5650/LI5645: 10 nV to 1 V F.S.

Current measurement 10 fA to 1 μA F.S. (except for LI5645)

Minimum time constant
LI5660/LI5655: 1 μs
LI5650//LI5645: 5 μs

Dynamic reserve 100 dB or more

Analog output update rate
LI5660/LI5655: up to approximately 1.5 M samples/s
LI 5650/LI5645: up to approximately 750 k samples/

Dual Frequency Simultaneous measurement (LI5660/LI5655/LI5650)
Two sets of dual phase sensitive detectors enable two frequency components included in a single input signal to be measured simultaneously.

Fractional Harmonic measurement
Mesurements at submultiple frequencies of the fundamental wave (1 to 63) / (1 to 63)

External 10 MHz synchronous input
Can be synchronized with the reference frequency of other devices by using an external reference frequency.

Measurement parameters: X, Y, R, θ, DC, Noise
Interfaces: USB, GPIB, LAN
Thin 2U size (88 mm)

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