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Product Information

Power Amplifier
High Speed Bipolar Amplifier
HSA series
DC to 10MHz, High Speed and Broad Range Maximum 300Vp-p high output voltage plus, minus, source and sink operation are available

HSA series is a power amplifier which has high speed, broad band (DC to max.10MHz) , and the capability of supplying high voltage and high power. DC+ / DC- signal is variable continuously with wide output range of maximum 300Vp-p without switching. Furthermore, as Four-quadrant output is possible, source mode(providing a power to load from a power amplifier in coincidence of voltage polarity and current polarity as normal amplifier) and sink mode (Sinking a power from load to power amplifier in reverse current) operation are available. Therefore, It is possible to drive smoothly a capacitive load and an inductive load like a piezo electric component, a solenoid and others.

3 difference models concerning frequency range, output voltage and output current are available as HSA series.

Operation region of HSA seiries (Four-quadrant operation)

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